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The Antica Distilleria Quaglia was founded in 1906 in Castelnuovo Don Bosco (AT), a small cumune on the Piedmont hills, which has always been a land of great grapes and great wines. Founded by Giuseppe Quaglia, cook and restaurateur, the Quaglia distillery, over the course of 4 generations has been constantly modernized and expanded, until the arrival of Carlo, great-grandson of the founder who, thanks to a great passion, an in-depth study of the family recipes and a certain creativity, not only improves the plant but also updates the range of products offered, in compliance with the company motto "" experiment through tradition "". In the early days, the distillery concentrated its production on the distillation of grappa, offering various fine grappas, including the "Storica" ​​grappa, produced since the early 1900s by the Quaglia family, grappa Moscato Aged and that of Asti Novella, grappa reserves and aged in barrique. The Quaglia distillery today produces a wide range of grappas, liqueurs and vermouths, thanks to the breath of energy, passion and creativity brought by Carlo and his friend Federico Ricatto. But in Castelnuovo Don Bosco novelty rhymes with quality and together with originality and the desire to amaze we fight to keep intact the Piedmontese traditions, which involve the use of natural ingredients of excellence, carefully selected and often collected manually, then processed. with the utmost care and respect to preserve the aromas and peculiar characteristics. In fact, Carlo's entire production is a very successful blend of experience, study and innovation, based on the quality of raw materials and on craftsmanship, from micro-distilleries, which include the use of steel tanks. stainless steel, maturation in tanks and in bottles before marketing. Among the most recent products offered by the Antica Distilleria Quaglia, we find different versions of Vermouth and liqueurs, created from traditional recipes and revisited in a modern style, as is the custom of the company, among the first distilleries to follow this innovative and original interpretation.

Gin Bèrto - Antica...
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Antica Distilleria Quaglia

Gin Bèrto - Antica Distilleria Quaglia

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Transparent and bright in the glass, it expresses slightly sweet, aromatic and floral scents to the nose, enriched by vegetal nuances in the background. Soft and balanced mouth, with a pleasant texture and sweetness.