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Champagne Rosé de Saignée Premier Cru - Geoffroy



Champagne Geoffroy is one of the very rare Houses that makes its rosé Champagne by “leeching” during maceration of Pinot Noir. After a few hours in contact with the skin of the grape, the juice acquires a superb and natural colour, becoming intoxicated with subtle yet deep red fruit aromas. The “Rosé de saignée” is a rarity in champagne.


In the cellar, we seek to maintain the same spirit of respect, patience, attention to detail and purity. We take samples before the harvest, so that we can start picking when the grapes are perfectly ripe and plan the best order in which to harvest the different plots. As they are picked the sorted grapes are transported to Ay to be crushed on our two traditional Coquard presses. This “old style” pressing allows us to draw the finest juices as precisely as possible, and to organize our winemaking by plot of origin. In this way we value the diversity of expression of each vine. In our new winery in Ay we make use of gravity alone to transfer the juice from the press to the winemaking tanks. The juice flows slowly, weightlessly, into enamelled vats, tuns, barrels and demi-muid casks, each selected according to the potential of each grape. Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy avoids malolactic fermentation in order to maintain his champagne’s original and authentic freshness, as he strives to preserve as far as possible what nature has provided. Blends are determined by tasting alone and according to the Geoffroy’s unique and personal taste. Once filled the bottles are stored in deep chalk cellars for between 3 and 8 years depending on the vintages. The final flourish that takes place in the cellar is the “dosage”, which demands great care and integrity to enhance the palatability of the champagne.

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Pinot Nero
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