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Plus IGT 2015 - Bastianich


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"A single vineyard with vines over 70 years old, on top of a magnificently exposed hill, produces our best example of Friulano."


In the Latin phrase the phrase "Nec plus ultra" means reaching a limit beyond which it cannot, or should not, go ahead. In common use, transformed moreover in 'Non plus ultra', this phrase is similarly to indicate the extreme limit, the maximum of perfection, of elegance or of art which has been reached in the realization of a work, of an artifact or a product. It is from this assumption, therefore, that the company selection of this particular Friulano (once Tocai, let's not forget it) originates, whose provenance is enough to justify its excellence and importance: a vineyard of almost seventy years old on the top of a hill located in one of the real crus of the Colli Orientali del Friuli, Buttrio. For this reason, in addition to the limit already close to the extreme, given the particular age of the vines, in the new and more captivating formulation, part of the grapes is harvested late and the remaining part left in the vineyard to undergo attack by Botrytis ashen. Its color is golden yellow, of antique gold, and manifests a light of its own astonishing clarity. Another ‘signature’ of the wine is given by its intense and opulent, yet subtle and definite aroma, always with excellent minerality and fragrance. The company leitmotiv of extreme cleanliness and elegance is therefore fully found also in this wine, as a sort of ideal continuation linking all the crus produced by the cellar. Not to be missed with fois gras or sauté of coquillages. It also lends itself to an infinite number of combinations ranging from white truffle to light dark chocolate.

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Friuli Venezia Giulia
cru Buttrio
7 months in steel vats
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Grado Alcolico
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